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Our Key Staff

We're Basically Superheroes.

By most definitions, superheroes have actual superhuman powers. Some work independently, however, there are also superhero teams - like the Fantastic Four and X-Men. Well, have you ever heard of THE JUSTICE LEAGUE? Well, Kevin Justice is our CEO. I'm not saying that we are THE Justice League but it's worth considering. I'm just sayin'.

We are the superheroes of branding and web design. Isn't it obvious? All we lack is the costume (do geeky clothes count?) and a secret identity.





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Phone: 410 858 4775 x111
Mobile: 410 713 0788
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Kevin Justice is the CEO and Owner of Matice LLC, a Marketing, PR and Advertising agency in Salisbury Maryland that specializes in websites that combine function with design. Kevin has a broad range of responsibilities running the organization ranging from operations to sales. Kevin has lead his team at Matice to implement many new websites, marketing materials, logo designs, and rebranding for a variety of customers including: Azar Eye Institute, Piedmont Airlines, Arcon Welding, Toroid, Southern Boys Concepts, Shore Transit, Fusion Dental, Tri County Council of the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland, Fratelli’s of Salisbury and many more..

Kevin actively volunteers in the community including providing technical expertise to several non-profit organizations. Kevin donates his time to provide training classes to the community on topics ranging from basic marketing to specific web technologies. Prior to Matice, Kevin was co-owner of Dynamic Communities and was responsible for the operations of the company including all event planning and marketing. Kevin has held IT leadership roles in several companies including Casio, Weichert Realtors, HFS and Glitterwrap.



Creative Director

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Phone: 410 858 4775 x113
Rebecca Inkrote is our Creative Director who oversees all major projects and all branding and design efforts. With 7 years of professional design experience, Rebecca has a broad understanding of branding, design, and marketing. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Salisbury University, with a BFA in Graphic Design. Rebecca is a self-proclaimed “Font Geek" and is often caught identifying typefaces out loud. She enjoys incorporating custom lettering into design projects such as the Salisbury Festival, Wicomico County Fair, and Simple Evals Logo designs which all feature hand lettering or customized typography.

More logos Rebecca designed include Bullard Construction & Inspections and Safe Harbor Property Management. She has also designed coordinating marketing materials and websites for many organizations. In addition to design, Rebecca is an accomplished website developer who is experienced with WordPress and DNN and proficient in HTML5 and CSS3.



Interactive Developer

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Irina Perkowski has the ability to adapt and absorb every nuances of a particular style or a client demand. Although generally Irina considers herself as being "traditional" with a modern twist, her ability to satisfy various needs and tastes for a design is versatile. Irina's focus is to consistently produce high quality graphic design and illustration and well-designed web sites.

Irina's background in design and art begun in her childhood by drawing the random objects she found in her home. Although she had a natural ability to draw and paint, Irina did not get into the art world until later in her life. Irina already had a degree in accounting from Vilnius University in Lithuania before she enrolled as a BFA student concentrating in graphic design at Salisbury University (Maryland). She graduated magna cum laude from Salisbury University. Having a BFA in graphic design is a decision she never regrets.

Irina's ability to draw and paint, as well as her design software skills and her scrupulous attention to detail, is invaluable in the design field. There is no greater reward for Irina than to make someone's world more beautiful by creating something special and unique.



Language Specialist/Translator

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Cristina Machin was born and raised in Spain just outside of Madrid. Cristina Machin is married to Kevin Justice and co-owner of Matice LLC.

After receiving her masters in Educational Psychology in the US, Cristina started her career as a therapist for a non-profit organization - Hope House - working with Latino clients. This exposed her to many dialects of different Spanish speaking populations, such as Mexican, Puerto Rican, Columbian and others. As time went by, she became involved with the Wicomico County Board of Education as a volunteer in her children's schools as well as a Bilingual Translator in Spanish. Although Cristina returned to the human services field and currently worksas a therapist for Delaware State, she still helps MI with translations.

And of course, Cristina brings sanity to some of Kevin's crazy ideas!

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