Analyze and Measure your Results!

What good is spending money on a marketing campaign if you have no idea if it achieved it's goals? It's critical to measure the effect of a marketing campaign which allows you to determine your ROI (Return On Investment).

There are many ways to measure campaign performance. We can track phone calls, emails, coupon returns, Facebook likes, twitter follows and tons of data with web analytics.

We typically use Google Analytics to handle website analytics. What does it do? It tracks every user that comes to your site and every action they take within your site. You can see how many people visit, when they visit, where they were when they visited, if they used a mobile phone or tablet or desktop and much much more. In fact, Google Analytics tracks so much data that it can be overwhelming if you don't know what you are looking for. But we can help! Just ask us to do a quick analysis and point out your successes and where you need to make updates to keep people on your website.

Advertisement results can be tracked in a myriad of ways. A Radio or TV ad may have a special phone number to call that links directly to you but we would log those calls. A print ad may have a special URL for people to visit (or even a QR code sending them to that URL) which we can track. Emails or direct mail could have a coupon code that has to be mentioned or even a physical coupon. All of these are trackable.

Were you successful? If you ran a campaign that cost $500 and didn't measure the outcome, was it a success? What if that campaign brought in 3 customers? Is that a success? What if it brought in 30? Once you start measuring your success rate, you can compare it against all other campaigns. Of course, there's no simple answer as to what advertising is best. There are so many factors that play a role. But knowing that a direct mail campaign brought you in 3 times the business than a TV commercial (or vice versa) is critical in determining your future advertising strategy.